Visit The Nursery

We have an open door policy for visits.

Come and have a look around our nursery and get to know everyone. 

Register your child


When you’re ready to register your child with us, please have ready:

  • The number of days you would like your child to attend nursery
  • The number of hours per day
  • Your preferred start date

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about these – we can still register your child

Please call 01962 862266 to register.


Settling In Sessions

These are designed to allow your child to transition to nursery in a relaxed and calm environment.

We will book as many settling-in session as your child needs. This may range from two to six sessions and in some cases more, completely free of charge.

The settling-in sessions start from 30 minutes and build to a two-hour session. These will take place the month prior to your child’s planned start date.


It is our moral and legal duty to provide a safe, clean and hygienic environment for all children to play and learn inas well as safeguarding them from infections and illnesses. Whilst good hygiene may start at home for the children, promoting this consistently with them at nursery will further educate them on effective hygiene practices. Just a few of the most important things that we do to keep our nursery in tiptop shape are:


  • Promoting proper hand-washing
  • Excluding ill staff and children when appropriate
  • Ensuring the nursery is clean and decontaminated with the help of our team of professional cleaners who clean the nursery on a daily basis
  • Segregating and storing waste effectively