Help children fill their own ‘buckets’ full of love, resilience, courage, self-reliance, integrity, curiosity, confidence, creativity, kindness and respect, and responsibility.


We exist to offer a safe and enabling environment, which encourages your child to develop the key character traits, tools and behaviours they need for a successful future. Core to this is creating learning experiences that help positively inform and shape their developing view of the world. We strive to nurture meaningful relationships between parents, carers, staff and peers, which help reinforce and strengthen a child’s character, confidence and capability.

Kingsmead Day Nursery is a place where staff and children learn together. We create an environment in which we all thrive and enable our children to explore the world and develop their individual expression. Our brilliant team of highly-qualified carers are engrossed, motivated and rewarded by the progression of each child, and form lasting bonds with the children in their care. We collaborate with parents, the community, agencies and organisations to create a secure foundation of wellbeing. We enhance and support children’s ideas and experiences, developing their personal and social skills and giving them cultural capital. This provides the essential knowledge that children need to become educated citizens. Our children are encouraged to think critically, be innovative and stay curious. Here, we create a home-from-home feel with some extra awe and wonder mixed in.


We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for the children who attend Kingsmead Day Nursery.


We develop children’s natural desire to learn through their interests; planning, capturing and extending their curiosity.


Our pedagogy sets out our method and practice of teaching, and at its core is the combination of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Reggio Emilia Philosophy – an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education, which values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge.

We follow a curriculum and style of teaching that allows all the children to reach their individual learning goals at their own pace.  We offer up a beautiful mix of literacy, maths, art, music, drama, singing and dance to fill our day – and encourage social and emotional growth throughout.

Resilience & courage

Bounce back from challenging moments; be brave.


You are strong and able to rely on your own power.

Integrity & responsibility

Be honest  and accountable for your actions.

Curiosity & Confidence

Explore, question, and develop self-belief.


Use your imagination and ideas to express yourself

Kindness & Respect

Be friendly, generous and considerate of other people.


Resilience & courage


Integrity & Responsibility

Curiosity & Confidence


Kindness & Respect

We use creative learning experiences to reinforce, share and celebrate the values we hold dear.

Kingsmead Day Nursery has a team of animal helpers who are on hand each day to help our children understand and develop their individual characters.  Through play, song, craft and recognition of our furry – and some scaly! – pals, we make sure we’re always creating positive learning outcomes for the children in our care.

LOVING LION is always there for you

HONEST HIPPO will never tell you a fib

BRAVE BADGER helps us be brave

POLITE PENGUIN has very good manners

KIND KANGAROO has got your back

CONFIDENT CHEETAH knows where he’s going

RESPONSIBLE RABBIT thinks before he hops

CURIOUS CHIMP is always exploring

CREATIVE CROC makes ideas come alive

A song to the melody of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’

Loving lion’s there for you
sharing with kind kangaroos

Curious chimps explore the world with
confident cheetahs proud and bold

Animals are like you and me
Down at Kingsmead Nursery

Honest hippos tell the truth to
Polite penguins who say ‘thank you”

Responsible rabbits bounce around
Creative crocs make snapping sounds

Animals are like you and me
Down at Kingsmead Nursery