Baby Unit

Our Baby unit is for children aged 0-2.5 years and is situated on the first floor of the nursery, offering a homely, warm environment.

We have a very spacious baby unit; the ceilings are high, and there is a huge paned window allowing daylight to flood the two large open plan rooms.

The unit has been carefully designed and equipped to enable our children to develop at their own pace. In this unit we focus on the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS): PSE, or personal, social and emotional, Physical, and CL, or communication and language.

We have a room that is dedicated to literacy, which has a large beanbag cushion and is well-resourced for children to begin their love of books. We have a large well-equipped room for sensory play, where activities such as shredded paper play, jelly play, painting, sand and water play – to name but a few! – take place.

The two large playrooms are light and airy, and are fitted with low-level shelving, where babies can learn to stand and toddlers are able to choose which toy they would like to explore. One room has shelves covered with a variety of fabrics and different textures, which give an additional tactile dimension for the children to investigate.

There are low-level mirrors for children to look at their reflection, encouraging self-awareness, and one of these rooms is fitted with carpet – ideal for younger babies and non-movers to have tummy time and develop their crawling skills. The other room is fitted with a large heuristic activity board and two wooden shape-sorters for them to explore.

This large area also allows for sit-and-ride toys. Both rooms are equipped with age- and stage-appropriate toys.

The babies love music time, where they laugh, giggle, jump and wiggle with staff.  This music and movement time helps develop listening and physical skills. Staff also carry out a variety of extra activities, such as baby yoga and babbling babies sessions.

There is a separate nappy-changing/potty-training room, which has space for parents/carers to leave a stock of supplies. We have the facility to make up milk feeds and sterilise bottles. There is a fridge and freezer to store formula and breast milk.

There is a separate sleep room fitted with bunk cots and a listening system, where gentle music is played and staff stay with children as they drift off to sleep, then check them frequently.