Sipsma Family 2018

Thank you so much for providing such a loving friendly and fun place to grow and develop, thank you so much for accommodating our child’s needs.

Hill Family 2018

It really made such a difference to be able to leave our son as a baby in caring and capable hands, he has had such a fabulous time with you, and the extra activities such as football and forest school have really captured his imagination.  It has been great to be part of the Kingsmead family, what will we do without you.

Barlett Family 2018

Never has one child had so many hugs and kisses as our son. You have crafted him to be a wonderful, cheerful and cheeky boy who is ready for school. Two of our children have grown up with you and they both loved their time with you and will always have the benefit of starting life with the Kingsmead team.

Wood Family 2018

All the events and extra activities that you put on are a real standout aspect of Kingsmead, and we would like to thank you for including us parents in all these joyous occasions.

Ducksbury Family 2017

For us it is difficult to imagine life without Kingsmead having been with you for over 6 years.  You have been an extended family to us during that time and we shall so miss the conversations on the door. Thank you for everything you have done for our boys, we will be sure to stay in touch and say hi as we pass.

Dennis Family 2017

Thank you for 8 amazing years! Lots of Love and Thanks from the

Thorpe Family 2016

It is hard to put down in words the affection we have for all the wonderful people who have looked after Millie during her time at Kingsmead, and the huge thanks we owe you all.  Thank you all for what you do so very well. I shall miss the cheery welcome I received every morning.

Morgan Family 2013

Kingsmead is a fantastic environment for children, you listen to them, encourage them to develop their interests and identities, challenge them to become who they can be, but above all it is an incredibly warm and lovely place to be. With Much Love and appreciation

Turrell Family 2016

Kingsmead has been a very positive experience for us as a family we have always felt a great deal of trust and support and positivity from all of you, and your can do attitude shines through! Thanks to all of you.

Hickman Family 2015

The patience, enthusiasm and skills of the staff has helped to make Molly’s time here, so enjoyable and rewarding.  Events such as the Christmas shows, sports day and mothers and fathers day celebrations have given us wonderful memories that will stay with us forever. 

Hickman Family 2015

You are an amazing team doing an amazing job, we will always remember Kingsmead with a smile.  Our children have now grown from babies to toddlers, from pre-schoolers to pupils and you have been a big part of this big journey.